Traffic accident leaves over ten Myanmar migrants dead in Thai

Zaw Min Naing
Injured people in Tak province hospital (Photo-Ye Min’s Facebook)


Over ten female migrant workers from Myanmar are dead in a traffic accident in Mae Sot on April 9, according to initial report.

The vehicle carrying over 40 female workers are plunged into a ravine on the night of April 9 in a mountain road in Mae Sot, said a Myanmar worker in Thailand.

Ye Min from AAC wrote on his Facebook page that the accident happened just after the vehicle left Mae Sot checkpoint.

“The vehicle carrying migrant workers plunged into a ravine as a tyre burst open. They travelled with four trucks: all males in two trucks and females in two trucks. The owner of their agency is coming from Yangon to Mae Sot to help them at the same night. The agency name is Golden Royal Mandalay,” said Ye Min.

The injured people are sent to Tak province hospital.

Moreover a van carrying Myanmar migrant workers, who are coming back to Myanmar for Thingyan festival, caught fire in Tak province on April 9 and no one has injured. Seven male workers and seven female workers are on board, sources said.

Similarly, a traffic accident in Mae Sot left 20 Myanmar workers dead and three injuries on March 30 and respective company, ministries and organizations paid compensations for those who are dead and injured in the accident.