Most of drug addicts aged between 15 and 40

Nay Myo Win


Myanmar sees a rampant increase in the number of drug addicts aged between 15 and 40, according to a press conference on the successful completion of youth job creation project, held at City Star Hotel in Yangon on March 12.

Zaw Taung, principal of the Harvest Rehabilitation Center said: “Most of people aged between 15 and 40 are addicted to drugs. Their families and relatives are in big trouble. There will be brighter future when we nurture them in a collaborative manner. The life success of them is of great importance. Our country will see outstanding youths if our families, wards, villages, environments and the whole country become drug-free areas.”

The Harvest Rehabilitation Center was set up in 2012 in Hlegu Township in Yangon region. The center offers consultation, health education and life skills training to more than 200 drug addicts. Drug addicts can also contact the Harvest Rehabilitation Center via its facebook page, he added.

A youth from the center said: “Everybody wants drug addicts to escape from the drug slavery. Youths are urged not to try drugs. It is a big enemy which can destroy our families and life.”