Authority to ban fishing for three months


The government will put a three-month ban on fishing vessels during this fishing season, said Tun Win Myint, director of Yangon Region Fishery Department.

“They do fishing only but no breeding. The main objective of ban is to enable fishes to breed and grow in the sea. It also aims to ensure the long-term consumption of fishes and conserve fish resources,” he added.

The ban will take effect from May 16 to August 15. Since 2013, the government has been designating no-fishing season and no-fishing zone to prevent the depletion of fish stocks. In 2014, the government allowed 65 per cent of fishing vessels to do fishing and designated no-fishing season for 60 days. About 50 per cent of fishing vessels were allowed in 2015, 40 per cent in 2016 and 30 per cent in 2017. The three-month ban may affect hundred thousands of fishermen, according to Myanmar Offshore Fish Entrepreneurs Association.

Now the country’s fish resources have dropped to 80 per cent compared with the research conducted over 35 years ago, according to the experts’ meeting on the national-level coastal resources management on March 5.

Dr Toe Nandar Tin, vice-president of Myanmar Fishery Federation said: “In 1980, Norway conducted a research on fish resources here. The similar researches were conducted in 2013 and 2015. According to the research findings, there are 33 per cent underwater fishes and 10 per cent surfacewater fishes left in Myanmar Sea.”