Record-breaking summer power consumption recorded


The summer power consumption reached a record-breaking high of 3267.5 megawatts on March 8, up 378.5 MW compared with the same period last year, said Dr Tun Naing, Deputy Minister for Electricity and Energy.

The nationwide power consumption reached 2,673 MW in 2016, 2,889 MW in 2017 and 3,208 MW in early March.

The power consumption in March 2017 increased by 216 MW and 378.5 MW in March 2018.  The highest power production reached 3,189 MW in November last year. From December, 2017 to early February, 2018, the total power consumption rate declined due to climate conditions.

The power consumption reached 3030.9 MW on February 24, 3079.8 MW on February 26, 3109.8 MW on February 27, 3150.5 MW on March 5, 3186.7 MW on March 7 and 3267.5 MW on March 8. The power production will continue to rise due to high temperatures.

The country sees the highest power consumption of around 3,200 MW. Yangon consumes more than 1,350 MW, Mandalay, over 550 MW and other regions, over 1,200 MW.  Yangon and Mandalay account for 35-40 per cent of the total power consumption and other regions, for 21 per cent, according to the ministry.

In Myanmar, 4.289 million (39.4 per cent) out of 10.877 households have access to electricity while the rest 6.588 million have no electricity access. A total of 350 out of 482 townships get electricity via the national power grids and the remaining 132 townships enjoy electricity by other means.  A total of 32,228 out of 63,737 villages have access to electricity.