Pearls need protection from illegal fishing, tourism boom: official

Theingi Win Tin
Illegal fishing and travelling can spoil the quality of Myanmar’s renowned pearls, according to the general manager at Myanmar Pearl Enterprise.
Myint Thu said the number of pearl-producing hubs located along the Taninthayi coastline increased from five to 12.
“The quality should improve as the quantity grows.”
The oysters that produce pearls could inhabit only in the waters of Taninthayi Region and therefore their habitats must be kept clean, he said.
“There are pearl producing, fishing and hotel businesses. We have to specify boundaries between each business. In this way, we can negotiate better.”
Four foreign companies, seven domestic companies and the government run the pearl-producing hubs.
The industry is threatened by illegal fishing and the growth in tourism, said Myint Thu.
The country’s pearls have been marketed in Hong Kong since 2013 and in the US beginning 2017.
Myanmar is said to produce the largest number of golden pearls in the world.
Translated by Nay Thiha