Historic Sagaing reservoir to be fixed

Htay Hla Aung
The historic reservoir drying up.
The Sagaing Region government will undertake the maintenance of a historic reservoir in the region, sources say.
The Pintin pool, dating back to the fourth century AD, is drying up due to an accumulation of mud and sand, leading MP Kyaw Min Htun from Khin-U Township to raise the issue at the regional parliament on March 6.
He said that Pintin village hosted many rice fields that relied on the reservoir as their primary source of water.
The pool’s depth has now halved from its former eight feet and the walls had weakened to the point they were now on the verge of being a danger, he said.
Regional Agricultural and Irrigation Minister Kanzar Mone noted that the pool was over 100 acres (40 hectares) wide and distributed water to more than 1,800 acres (728 hectares) of fields.
He agreed the walls were weak, and noted that some pipes were blocked and the sluice gates were also old.
Projects are needed to dredge the reservoir and dig spillways, the minister said, at a combined cost of about 500 million kyat.
Kanzar Mone promised that the required budget would be asked from the regional government for fiscal year 2018-19 and the projects would be implemented according to the funds.
The ancient Pyu people dug the pool. It taps water from the 39-mile-long (63-kilometre-long) Mawra River.
(US$1 = Ks1,320)
Translated by Nay Thiha