Annual phone bill revenue hits K98 billion

Nay Myo Tun
People use handsets being displayed at the mobile show.
Last year, the Internal Revenue Department collected K98.59 billion in phone bill tax. 
The IRD collected K8.4 billion in January, K8.01 in February, K9.12 billion in March, K8.78 billion in April, K9.06 billion in May, K8.65 billion in June, K6.22 billion in July, K8.68 billion in August, K8.18 billion in September, K7.69 billion in October, K8.1 billion in November and K7.7 billion in December. 
The monthly average phone bill was K8.21 billion in 2017 and K6.6 billion in 2016. 
From April to December, 2017, the tax revenues amounted to K73.06 billion. In 2016, the tax revenues reached K59.95 billion. Last fiscal year, the tax revenue hit K87.13 billion, according to the IRD. 
The government said it started spending April’s tax revenue of K7500 million on the education sector. The revenues collected the next month went to the State’s Fund. 
The revenues collected in May, 2016 amounted to K8.37 billion – over K4.5 billion by Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications, over K4.5 billion by Telenor and over K800 million by Ooredoo.
The revenues collected in June, 2016 amounted to K8 billion – over K4.1 billion by Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications, K2.6 billion by Telenor and K1.1 billion by Ooredoo.
Since April 1, 2016, mobile subscribers have started paying a 5-per-cent commercial tax Under the Union Taxation Law 2016.