Waste from gold mine kills aquatic animals

Kaung Khant Lin (Monywa)
Waste water from a gold-digging company caused river pollution as well as killed aquatic animals. (Photo-Nay Myo Win)


A gold mining company near Kyauk Pahto village in Kawlin Township, Kathar District in Sagaing Region, on January 17 killed many fish, according to local residents.

Farmers are also worried about their plantations as their plantations are situated close to the polluted river.

“The water has turned a red colour and killed many types of fish. Now is a time that we are in the middle of growing our bean plantations,” one farmer said.

“We usually use water from that river but we aren’t using the water any more. Currently, the bean plantations are in good condition, however we are anxious about it. Small bushes and grass near the river have also withered.”

Locals have complained to MP Phyu Phyu Win of Lawliin Township Constituency (1).

She confirmed that the complaint had been made and said that she had communicated with officials from the gold-mining company.

The official said that rain had caused flooding that had then polluted  the streams, and that company had explained the matter to the local famers.

Villages such as Kyauk Pahto, Swei, Bant Hmawy Kone, Zawin Chaung, Sein Pan Kone, Makyee Kone, Shan Kan,and Shaukpin Chaun are in danger of polluted water.