Wastewater treatment facilities to be finished this year

Nay Rai, Kyaw Myo
Directions have been given for the construction of wastewater treatment facilities for alcohol breweries during 2018. If they do not abide by the directions, actions will be taken, according to director-general of Department of Environmental Conservation, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation Hla Maung Thein on January 16.
He said this at a meeting held in Nay Pyi Taw on workshop on management of waste materials.
“Directions have already given to construction of wastewater treatment factories for brewing during 2018. We’ll monitor the construction if they abide by the rules and regulations when construction. First, we’ll do the education. Later, we’ll upgrade capabilities in private-public participation. If there is no abiding of rules and regulations, action will be taken,” said director-general Hal Maung Thein.
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation and the Japanese Ministry of Environmental Conservation are jointly carrying out wasterwater treatment and they have drawn up inspection plans.
They have also created a database to analyze the air pollution.