Parliament calls emergency meeting to substitute resigned chief minister with new one

Min Thu Win Htut

Ayeywady regional parliament has called an emergency meeting on January 15 with the intention of substituting Chief Minister Mann Johnny with a new one.

The President Office issued a notification dated on January 9 that Chief Minister Mann Johnny was allowed to resign from the regional government on his own volition in accord with sub-para (A) of Section 264 of Constitutional Law and sub-para (A) of Section 52 of Region and State Government. At the same time, Ba Hein, Minister for Agriculture, Livestock, Mineral Resources and Environmental Conservation was also allowed to resign from regional government on his own desire.  

 “It has already been known that the emergency meeting has been called. The President Office also issued an announcement that the Chief Minister and the Minister were allowed to resign from regional government of their own volitions. The President Office will submit nomination for the post of Chief Minister. The President will seek approvals from the parliament. The Chief Minister of Ayeyawady Region is now 77 years old. He is allowed to resign from the regional government on health grounds and old age.  

“The nomination with the remarks of the President will be sent back to the President Office. The next nomination of the Minister will be also the same matter. The parliament will announce the name of the new Chief Minister on January 15. To be a Chief Minister, he or she must be at least a regional MP. The parliament will seek approvals from MPs. The President will appoint the chief minister along with the approvals from MPs at the parliament,” San Min Aung, Deputy Chairman of Ayeyawady Region Parliament,” said.  

Members of regional government said that the Chief Minister has been found taking office at the regional government office since he resigned from the regional government. The reasons of his resignation are that he was injured in the car accident, that he had an eye operation and that he is now suffering from typhoid. Due to these reasons, he resigned.

Mann Johnny-led Ayeyawady regional government was criticized for not carrying out apparent changes during his two years tenure and only attending school opening ceremonies and going to local festivals too much.  

Chief Minister Mann Johnny was born on January 1 in 1942. He worked as assistant township education officer. He was elected a MP representing Kyonepyaw Constituency in the 1990 Multiparty Democracy General Election. He was also elected as a Lower House MP representing Myaungmya Constituency in the 2012 by-elections.

Aung Kyaw Khaing, Chairman of Ayeyawady Region Parliament, Dr Hla Myat Thway, Minister for Social Affairs, MP Ni Ni Moe representing Nyaungdon Township Constituency-1, MP Aung Thu Htwe representing Pathein Township Constituency-2, MP Myint Myint San representing Wakema Township Constituency-2 and MP Khaing Zin Oo representing Myaungmya Constituency-2 are being tipped for the post of the Chief Minister. 

Translated by Win Htut