Sagaing Bat Cave Resort to display teak log from Inwa Dynasty

Ma Pe Nyein
The giant teak log (Photo-Sagaing Regional Information Page)

A teak log believed to have existed since the time of King Tharlon and a giant teak door bolt will be displayed at the Bat Cave Resort in Sagaing Region.

The log is believed to have been cut from a teak tree in 1647 in the Inwa Period when King Tharlon ruled.

Than Htay from the Sagaing Region Tourism Development Committee said: “The teak log is assumed to have come from the time of King Tharlon when we calculated its age. But, the teak door bolt did not come from that period.”

The Bat Cave Resort is located in Kanbalu Township, Sagaing Region. It is a complex of natural limestone caves where hundreds of thousands of bats live. It has been designated as a protection area and the regional government is constructing an educative camp and a resort there.

“The union government designated the area as a geologically significant zone,” said Than Htay. “It is an educative camp rather than a recreation centre. There, we will display various kinds of wood, soils, insects and animals.”

The resort will also offer boating, hiking and cycling.

Translated by Soe Tint