Minimum wage could be coming next May

Nay Yai and Zeyar Tun
The workshop on human resource development indicators in progress in Nay Pyi Taw on December 6.


The Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population is planning a December 23 forum that will include participation of a wide range of stakeholders as demanded by labour groups. The ministry is also considering a minimum wage designation timed for next May, said permanent secretary Myo Aung.
Media were informed of the developments after the opening ceremony of a workshop on human resource development indicators held at the ministry in Nay Pyi Taw on December 6.
The forum will bring together employers, employees, representatives of government, and social organisations along with members of parliament on December 23 to review minimum wage proposals made by various regions and states.
“We will listen to the demands of both employers and employees,” said Myo Aung. “Workers are demanding 5,600 kyat as the daily minimum wage. This has raised concerns with both sides. It is good if that wage is possible. t is not good if we insist on demanding that pay if employers cannot afford it.”
The ministry will be involved in determining a workable minimum wage, said Myo Aung. They will draw on data collected from various regions and states. 
He added that they are considering designation of a minimum wage in May 2018, depending on the final decision being made by the government.