Around 80,000 acres of paddy in Maungdaw already sold

Than Hlaing (Sittwe)
Ownerless paddy are being dried in Maungdaw Township (Photo-Thar Shwe Oo)
Sittwe- Paddy from nearly 80,000 acres (32,000 hectares) of the terrorist-affected townships of Maungdaw region in Northern Rakhine State have been already sold, according to the Rakhine State Government Committee.
The committee is now harvesting ownerless paddy plantations.
The ownerless paddy plantations cover over 4,900 acres in Yathedaung, over 10,000 acres in Buthidaung and over 65,000 acres in Maungdaw Townships, says Kyaw Lwin, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Forest and Mines in Rakhine State.
“We, the Rakhine State Government Committee, are planning not to waste the ownerless paddy plantations. We didn’t keep the money coming from the paddy selling. We are going to save that money at the official bank in Myanmar,” said Kyaw Lwin.
If a person wants to purchase harvested-paddy, the state committee will be selling it. But, the money wouldn’t be added to the State Budget, according to the announcement of the Rakhine State released on November 14, it will be kept to be returned to the landowners.
“There is over 40,000 acres of paddy plantations in Maungdaw district. We already contracted to sell the harvested paddy. We also agreed to sell that paddy to the merchant in Maungdaw for US$2.65 per basket. If the merchant has difficulty selling the paddy abroad, we are going to help them. Likewise, the money will be opened a bank account in accordance with the contract as well. We are going to spend the money in line with the state government’s guidance,” said Nyi Pu, Rakhine State’s Chief Minister.
If the owner appears, the Rakhine State government will present the money to owner.