JE vaccination program launched in riot-hit Maungdaw

Thar Shwe Oo(Kisapa)
A child receives vaccination against Japanese Encephalitis in Maungdaw Township (Photo-Thar Shwe Oo)
KITSAPA- More than 8,000 children have received Japanese Encephalitis (JE) vaccinations since a campaign started in Rakhine State’s Maungdaw region on November 15.
Medical staff  have been giving JE vaccinations at the villages of all ethnic groups, with more 16,000 children aged from nine-months to 15 having received the jabs
The current JE vaccination programme is a combination of two projects, one public-centered and the other school-based.
“As all schools in Maungdaw Township aren’t open yet due to regional security, we are now giving JE vaccination to the students together with teachers and public so [people from all enthic groups] have already received JE vaccination.
“The vaccination programme started in the downtown area from November 15 to 19. The medical teams were divided into four to six groups with the aim of giving the JE vaccination to all children,” said Maung Aye Thar, who is charge of medical staff in Maungdaw Township.