Myittha residents fear threat from near-full dam

Aung Thu & Le Le Aung
The water level in Kingthar dam reached a high on October 19.


Myitthar residents are worried about floods, with memories still deep over the impact of flooding in 2006.

The water level in Kingthar dam, about 40 kilometres southeast of the town, was almost full on October 19, sources said.

“The weather conditions and water amount in the dam are nearly the same as in 2006 when the flood covered Myitthar. The irrigation authorities released some of the water in the dam out of fear of the dam breaking, and the flows covered the entire town. We are worried about it,” said San Thaw Tun, a resident of Myitthar.

“If it happens again, who will take responsibility and be  accountable it. They promised us that no flood from the dam will occurred again in Myitthar, concerning with Samar sluice gate. They have to take responsibility for their words.

Irrigation officer Htin Kyaw Lin said: “It will be a danger if heavy rain occurs. We are sending information to township administrators. We will announce in advance if we have to open sluice gates at the dam. We are releasing water for cultivation and using water in the dam to produce electricity. The water that has flowed through the sluice gates is rather a lot.”

The dam was built in 1981 and finished in 1990. In 2006, the  average rainfall was 62 inches and the whole town of Myitthar was flooded. The average rainfall in 2017 has been over 40 inches.