More guns seized from disgraced tycoon’s properties

EMG reporter
Police carrying out seized firearms from the building. (Photo – Myo Htet Paing)

More firearms and other damning evidence relating to Phyo Ko Ko Tint Hsan have been found by the police in his company’s head office on October 16. Offices belonging to the ACE Group of companies in both Nay Pyi Taw and Yangon were raided as a follow up by the police after catching Phyo Ko Ko, a hotel tycoon and son of ex-Union Minister Tint Hsan, at Nay Pyi Taw International Airport in possession of guns, bullets and narcotics (amphetamine tablets). Several pistols, rifles and bullets as well as other accessories, such as bullet proof vests, uniforms and drones,

have been confiscated by police. The police claim that at least 11 guns were found to be in the possession of Phyo Ko Ko Tint Hsan. At least eight people, including Phyo Ko Ko Tint Hsan and his wife, have been arrested for possession of drugs and illegal firearms. Authorities have temporarily suspended the head office of ACE group of companies in Yangon. Under the charges Phyo Ko Ko Tint Hsan face, he is liable to be sentenced to life in prison alone on charges of  consumption, possession and distribution of narcotics. This case had garnered a lot of interest from the public for the tycoon’s brazen and mysterious act of transporting drugs and firearms through airport security. Many speculate that he had done this before without a hitch but something had gone awry this time.

Many also expressed concerned over the amount of deadly weapons and accessories found, especially since badges and tags of the uniforms boldly proclaim “National Security Agency”.

Translated by Kywe Wa Dana Tun