Military chief meets US ambassador

Pyae Phyo Aung
Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services, has told the United States that the army is performing their duties within the framework of rules and laws.
The General met with Scot Alan Marciel. Ambassador of the US to Myanmar, at Zeyathiri Parlour at Konmyinttha, Yangon on October 11, according to an announcement from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Services.
The US Ambassador expressed concern over the current situation in Rakhine State, while also acknowledging its history and complexity. Regional as well as international concern about the fleeing of over 500,000 to Bangladesh have caused pressures on Myanmar. Some said the exodus was the result of food shortages, local threats and torching of homes. Some are saying that security forces are using excessive force and committing genocide. The US wants to make constructive approach in order to reduce pressures on Myanmar, said Ambassador Marciel. He also asked for information about Myanmar’s program to allow the return of people who fled to Bangladesh.
The duty of armed forces and security personnel is to protect the state sovereignty, the national interest and people of the country, said the Office of the Commander-in-Chief announcement. Although the duty is entrusted by the Constitution, unlawful acts are not allowed. The task of shouldering the duty shall be within the framework of rules, laws and other directives issued by the state. No action goes beyond the legal framework, the announcement said.
Such incidents cannot be made up or hidden, said the announcement. Yet, there is exaggeration to say that the number of Bengalis fleeing to Bangladesh is very large. Particularly, there is instigation and propaganda by using the media from behind the scenes. The real situation could not be uncovered because most of the media express as they wish by hiding the truth, said the announcement. The army is cooperating with the government for the sake of the country. Real situations should be relayed to the foreign countries and relevant organisations. Those fleeing to the other country will be re-accepted in line with the bilateral agreement of 1993, the announcement said.
Translated by Aung Kyaw Kyaw