More wards to be extended at general hospitals

Ei Thinzar Kyaw
Outpatients at the Yangon General Hospital.


The Ministry of Health and Sports is planning to extend special wards at general hospitals to cope with a large number of patients, sources say.

Last year’s figures suggested that general hospitals across the country treated more than 9 million outpatients and 2.5 million inpatients, and found that the number kept growing each year.

Yangon Region had 83 government-run healthcare facilities, 14 of them speciality hospitals, and three facilities to train medicine, added the ministry.

Rural healthcare centres totalled 1,778 and the ministry reportedly had tried to upgrade medical facilities nationwide.

Special wards for common diseases such as cardiac, renal and hepatitis would be extended, according to the ministry.

Statistics suggest 2.5 million people have diabetes, 6.3 million suffer from hypertension, 5.3 million are obese, 6.2 million smoke, 10.3 million chew betel, 4.7 million drink alcohol and 2.4 million of them drink excessively.

Professor Tint Swe Latt, chairman at the Myanmar Diabetes Association, said: “Infectious diseases account only for 30 per cent of annual deaths. About 59 per cent of them are because of non-infectious diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.”

Accidents were behind 11 per cent of annual deaths, the professor added.

Translated by Nay Thiha