Thai boss returns migrant wages

Nyan Win Shein
Workers stage a protest in front of their furniture factory in Thailand to return their money (Photo-AAC)


A furniture factory owner from Pathum Thani who took Bt18,500 (Ks763,000) from each worker to provide passports for over 50 Myanmar migrants has returned their wages after a protest on September 12, sources said.

The owner cut their wages each month for more than one year to apply for passports, but they were not provided. 

He returned their money when the workers went on strike, said Ye Min from the Thailand-based Aid Alliance Committee.

At first he called the police and tried to force them into the factory. However, the workers didn’t go inside and asked for their money from the outside until we arrived. The owner returned their money finally,” said Ye Min. 

In the last week of August, more than 1,500 workers from a meatball factory in Pathum Thani staged a protest against their employer as he allegedly violated human rights and withheld their wages. He reportedly gave in to their demands.