Two remote mines and one black suit found near Tonechaungwa outpost in Maungdaw Township

Photo Credit- Information Committee.


Security personnel carrying out area clearing operation in Maungdaw Township found two remote mines and a black suit with face mask on a boat about 100 meter from Tonechaungwa outpost on the evening of September 12, according to the Information Committee.

On the morning of September 12, while inspecting Chaungwa outposts, Security personnel found that ARSA extremist terrorists destroyed Meetikechaungwa, Nanthartaungchaungwa and Thinbawhlachaungwa outposts.

Since the morning of August 25, ARSA extremist terrorists carried out surprise attacks on more than 30 border police outposts in Maungdaw region.

In ARSA attacks, security members, civil servants, Rakhine ethnics, Muslims, Hindus, Dainet, Mro and innocent civilians were killed and injured.  Many locals have fled to safer places.