Military officers, Thai citizens attend funeral for fortune teller ‘ET’

Nay Win Htet and Kyaw Zin Phyo


The funeral of famous fortune teller ET, also known as Swe Swe Win, was held at Yayway cemetery in Yangon on Tuesday afternoon.

Among the mourners were, film star Si Phyo, nephew of ET, other family members, military officers, Thai citizens and a Romanian model.

ET was born on July 5, 1960, in Yangon Region. When she was young and living in the Shwegonedine apartment block near the Shwedagon Pagoda, she was said to have always visited a small pagoda to pray. While she was at the pagoda one day, she was reportedly struck by lightning. She was ill for three months but did not die. She recovered, but she was deaf and mute. Later, she reportedly developed the power to tell people’s fortunes.

Although she dropped out of school after finishing Grade 4, she was able to write and communicate in English, Hindi, Japanese and Thai when clients from those countries visited her. She was visited by not only locals but also foreigners, especially military and civilian visitors from Thailand.

She died at the age of 58.