USDP denies involvement behind unrest

Chan Wai Soe, Maung Htoo


The Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) denied involvement in recent cases of racial and religious unrest on September 12.

Spokesperson and a central executive of the USDP, Hla Thein claimed after a meeting between political parties regarding Rakhine State affairs that the party has nothing to do with the unrest within Yangon despite rumors.

“We take it to be a by-product of nationalist sentiments on the rise. But I believe that neither me nor the rest of the party members will ever get involved in such petty matters. I would like to officially state that we deny any involvement regarding those incidents because you can see transparently on where we are, what we have been doing from today as well as past announcements,” said Hla Thein.

The meeting between a total of 29 political parties highlighted several important factors regarding Rakhine State issues, particularly one thing from Kofi Annan led commission’s report that suggests amending the 1982 citizenship laws as well as the need to decide upon a new national security policy in light of recent events.

Dr Nandar Hla Myint, another spokesperson from the USDP, claimed that the point of the meeting was not intended to apply more pressure to current ruling party but to rather to reinforce the urgency of matters such as the finding out and taking action against the ones pulling the strings behind racial and religious unrest happening elsewhere in the country as it could escalate out of control rapidly.


Translated by KWDT