EU urges ‘necessary steps’ in Rakhine struggle



Federica Mogherini, an Italian politician and High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, had urged Myanmar to start taking the right measures over Rakhine issue.

She announced on September 11 that Myanmar’s authorities should start sometime this week in the process of allowing humanitarian aid as well as to start implementing proposals brought forward by Kofi Annan led Advisory Commission on Rakhine State affairs.

Mogherini also said, in a statement released on September 6 that the EU promises to contribute to Myanmar’s various authorities in efforts that will contribute to the long term betterment of the country while also condemning the terror attacks and their perpetrators. It also claimed that EU member nations had accepted refugees and stands with the Bangladesh government that had been contributing to the humanitarian aid process.

 Singapore had also extended humanitarian aid towards Myanmar and other ASEAN nations on September 8.

Bangladesh’s President Abdul Hamid had also put forward the option to build a ‘safe zone’ for “Rohingya” Bengali illegal immigrants to the international community on September10.

The Information Committee had announced that in the time between August 25 and September 5, there have been a total 97 clashes with Security Forces and extremist terrorists, claiming the lives of 13 policemen and soldiers, 2 civil servants, 14 native ethnics, 7 native Hindus and 7 Bengali civilians. It also claimed that ARSA insurgent terrorists lost 371 of their members and 38 were captured alive by Security Forces.