75,000 migrants head to Thailand this year

More than 84,000 people went abroad to work legally from January to July this year and most of them went to Thailand to work, according to the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population.

The ministry says 84,425 people went abroad during the period and 75,048 of them went to Thailand.

According to the figures, more than 10,000 officially permitted workers went to Thailand every month during the period.

From July 24 to 27 over 183,000 undocumented migrants from Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia in Thailand have been registered with employers' endorsements at 99 centres issuing certificates of identity so that they can work legally.

Currently 110,261 Myanmar citizens, 47,026 Cambodians and 26,293 Laotians had registered for certificates. Plans are reportedly underway to open more registration centres in Thailand, such as in Chang Mai, where the majority of migrants are from Myanmar.

Thousands of migrants fled Thailand recently after the 2017 Management of Foreign Workers Act came into effect on June 23 amid arrests by the Thai authorities.