Curfew will be imposed in necessary areas in Rakhine State: the State Counsellor's Office

Chan Wai Soe
Security members in Kainggyi village on May Yu Mountain.


To protect the innocent civilians, security enforcement will be enhanced in the region. At the same time, actions will be taken against all extremists and those who abet their extremism. The government is working together with the Tatmadaw security forces to quell these stepped up terrorist acts including the issuance of Article 144 curfew in necessary areas in order to establish and maintain peace, stability and security in the region, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of the Office of the State Counsellor on “the situation in Maungdaw” yesterday.

To bring about national reconciliation, peace and development in Rakhine, the government is striving, with long-term and short-term plans, to resolve the issues between the two communities. This includes provision of humanitarian assistances from both international and domestic resources, and development of infrastructure in the region. Priorities are given to building roads, bridges and enhanced access to electricity in Rakhine state, the statement said.

Currently, 13 out of 20 townships and 184 adjacent villages in Rakhine state have access to electricity. Electricity is distributed in Buthidaung and Maungdaw Townships by utilizing diesel generators. Additionally, a team from the Union Ministry concerned joined by the Rakhine state government has been sent to Rakhine on August 11 to conduct a feasibility survey to evaluate the possibility of electrification of townships that do not have electricity, it added.

While the government is implementing the above development plans and striving to maintain peace and security in Maungdaw district, extremists are stepping up their terrorist activities in the region. Until August 9, 59 innocent peace are murdered and 33 had gone missing. Many administrators, village heads and those are believed to be cooperating with the government and those who talked to media are being killed. The latest situation is that seven Mro ethnic nationals are killed by these extremists. They are making death threats in order to prevent the people from cooperating with the government as well as to disrupt the national verification process and peace and security of the region. These dastardly acts must be condemned by everyone, it continued.

The government is handling the situation strictly within existing laws, rules and regulations. Taking advantage, the extremists are stepping up their terrorist activities in the region. We urge the people, political parties, NGOs, friendly countries and international community to show support by opposing the extremist terrorist acts, it said.