H1N1 raises health awareness: minister

Soe Min Htike
Masked children head to school. (Photo-Kyi Naing)


The minister for health and sport has told the media that H1N1 swine flu raises public health awareness.

Dr Myint Htwe said after a parliamentary session on August 10: Luckily the lab results from Japan showed the virus was a common strain and had not combined with any other virus. The mortality rate is not as high as that of neighbouring countries.” 

He said the efforts for preventive measures would not be reduced although Japanese medical professionals reassured the virus was not that complicated.

“We must try to contain it before it gets worse. The people who rely on buses should take maximum precautions. We’ve begun putting stickers on the buses to educate about sneeze and cough etiquette. On the bright side, our people become more aware of infectious diseases.”

Between July 21, when the virus started making headlines, and August 9 the virus has infected 183 people and claimed 19 lives nationwide, according to the ministry.


Translated by Nay Thiha