Unhealthy diet behind untimely deaths: scholar

Ei Thinzar Kyaw
The cancer department at Yangon General. (Photo-Kyi Naing)


People are dying early because of an unhealthy diet, says medical professional.

Professor Tint Swe Lattchairman at the Myanmar Diabetes Association, said: “Infectious diseases account only for 30 per cent of annual deaths. About 59 per cent of them are because of non-infectious diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.”

Accidents were behind 11 per cent of annual deaths, the professor added.

“Our country has a lot to do to be aware of preventive diseases. Unhealthy diet is the major cause.”

The country conducted a survey about non-infectious diseases in 2014 and found that over 70,000 people died annually from cancer and tuberculosis due to chewing tobacco leaves and smoking.

The government is planning cancer-awareness campaigns. 

The Ministry of Health and Sport will cooperate with the Union for International Cancer Control to implement the C/Can 2025: City Cancer Challenge programme, reports say.

The two entities met for the first time on July 17 in Yangon and talked about precautions, early cancer diagnosis and treatment. 

Statistics suggest 2.5 million people have diabetes, 6.3 million suffer from hypertension, 5.3 million are obese, 6.2 million smoke, 10.3 million chew betel, 4.7 million drink alcohol and 2.4 million of them drink excessively.


Translated by Nay Thiha