3MDG to give $40m in aid

Ei Thinzar Kyaw
The 3MDG’s tent at the National Health Convention.

The Three Millennium Development Goal Fund (3MDG) says it will give Myanmar US$40 million in aid in 2018.
The aid was supposed to end in 2017. But Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and the US agreed to extend the support to 2018.
The aid is to be spent in the health sector and the organisation has given $284 million between 2012 and 2017, according to its annual report.
The government has reportedly managed to meet the 3MDG’s goals in 2016 and offered prenatal care to 25,000 pregnant women and delivered 25,000 babies with the help of medical experts and completed 53 per cent of a plan to rehabilitate 76,000 injecting drug users.
The 3MDG is funded by seven donors - Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, the EU, the US, and the UK - and focuses on giving healthcare to pregnant women and infants.
The organisation also helped upgrade 22 midwifery schools and storage systems of medicines in 264 townships, established 74 rural healthcare centres and is assisting the Ministry of Health and Sports in drafting the 2017-2021 national health plan.
The 3MDG and partner organisations are providing health services in conflict areas.