Floods hit Hpakant Township

Aung Hein Min (Hpakant)


Four low-lying wards in Hpakant Township and three wards in Lonekhin village-tract were flooded due to heavy downpours.

On June 17, heavy rains hit Hpakant. Flood waters receded quickly, even though a rain-triggered flood hit the township on June 16.

Aung Thein, a resident of Myoma ward, said: “The disaster hit the township twice during this month. Floods are common in the rainy season. It has not reached last year’s water level. It is not a record-breaking flood. It may break the record if there are heavy rains upstream.”

Nilar Myint, the deputy head of the Hpakant Township General Administration Office, said: “Floods hit more than 300 houses in three wards in Lonekhin village-tract. No detailed list has been received. But there may be around 1,000 houses. We are distributing food to the flood-hit villages and wards and opening a relief camp at a monastery.”

Hpakant Township faces flooding every year as Uru creek floods. The cause of flood is linked to the disposal of waste soil from the jade mining, which impeded the flow of water.