Black box of crashed military transport plane recovered

Phyo Zin (Dawei)


Search and rescue teams recovered several parts of the Y-8 military transport plane that crashed earlier this month, including the tail and the “black box”, which is made up of a flight data recorder and a cockpit voice recorder, from the sea yesterday, the Commander-in-Chief’s Office announced

An investigation into the cause of plane crash is under way. Continued searches for the remaining parts of the crashed plane are being conducted by naval vessels, local fishing vessels and divers. The military is also using drones in its search and rescue operations for the plane.

So far, the bodies of 92 people who were killed in the plane crash have been found. One male body was found along with the tail of the plane. The other 32 people who were on board are still missing.

On June 15, a fishing vessel spotted the tail of the plane about 7.5 miles west of Myinkhwaraw beach.

A total of 91 identified bodies have been cremated in Dawei. According to the initial list, the military plane crashed into the sea on June 7 with 14 crew members and 108 passengers on board. Two more people were later added to the list as two children of a soldier were on the flight.