100th birthday of General Aung San to be celebrated in Naypyitaw

Lower House MP Min Thu said the 100th birthday of General Aung San will be celebrated in Dakkhinasiri Township of Naypyitaw on January 22.

The event will be held at the Yanaungmyin Pagoda compound, which General Aung San visited twice.
Min Thu said: "The reason we chose the Yanaungmyin Pagoda is General Aung San visited the pagoda twice. Once was before the fight against the Japanese occupants. Another one was before the election to fight for the independence."

He continued: "General Aung San signed the Aung San-Attlee agreement on January 27. Therefore, we will hold the event on January 22. The Aung San-Attlee agreement is the result of negotiation, not abusive power. No matter how big a given problem is, we will solve it through political negotiation. We want to give that message to the public. That's why we will hold the event on January 22."

"We have applied to the township office of Dakkhinasiri. We hope they allow the event, since General Aung San is the sole benefactor as well as leader."