$1 million slotted for rural development and poverty reduction in Yangon Region

In the 2015-2016 fiscal year, US$1 million will reportedly be used for rural development and poverty reduction in Yangon Region.
The Yangon Region parliament approved the budget submission for the regional government at a special meeting in December 2014.
Poverty reduction efforts for rural people will focus on strengthening the water, electricity and public infrastructure sectors, according to the Yangon Region government.
At least $1.9 million was slotted for rural development projects in Yangon Region over the last three years, but some road and bridge projects have yet to be completed, even two or three years after they began, according to some rural people in Yangon Region.
"It is questionable whether the approved budget for poverty reduction projects is actually used or not. There is no committee for scrutinising these budgets yet," said to Dr Nyo Nyo Thin, an MP for Bahan Township in the Yangon Region parliament.
"There are also poor people among the larger urban population of Yangon Region. These people should also be part of the poverty reduction project," she added.
About 30 per cent of the the population of Yangon Region lives in rural areas, while 70 per cent are urban dwellers.