Mro villagers moved to Longdon village as they fear terrorists

Mro villagers living in Khon Taing village in northern Maungdaw Township where their village was burnt down by ARSA Bengali terrorists moved to Longdon village on September 16th.

The Khon Taing village was burnt down by ARSA extremists on August 26th during which teachers and villagers had to hide in May U hill and they were trapped there without food. They were rescued by military on September 2nd .

Mobile Health Care initiates in Maungdaw

Maungdaw- Due to the attack of ARSA extremist terrorists in Maungdaw, health care services was temporarily stopped. But, health care services were provided by mobile teams and cars since second week of September according to Township Health Department.

Explosion occurred in Arabi compound in Taungbazar Twonship

An explosion occurred in the compound of Arabi compound near Michaung market in Taungbazar, Buthidaung Township on September 22nd morning according to Buthidaung police force.

“It is true that an explosion occurred in Arabi compound near Michaung market in Taungbazar. We are still investigating the case,” said police-major Thaung Htay.

Police also seized a homemade bomb and 20 feet wire attached to a battery. Later it was known that no one was hurt due to the blast.

Sagaing camps crowded with flood victims


Chinese trucks blamed for Kachin road damage


A road in Kachin State is ruined and the residents have blamed Chinese farm trucks for it.

Six held after Hsipaw drug bust

Police detained six drug suspects after raiding

Explosion at madrasa in Rakhine

An explosion has been reported today in the compound of a madrasa in Taungbazar, north of Buthitaung, Rakhine State.

Community projects to help 7m: World Bank

Community-based projects are being carried out in almost 8,600 villages with that number projected to increase to 12,000 next year, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation.

"The government plans to create projects in 16 more townships to help people in poor areas. It is a great objective. It will support about 7 million people in poor areas after more projects are added," said Ellen Goldstein, director for Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos at the World Bank.

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing comforts IDPs and provides supplies

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services, went on an inspection tour to No 1 border gate, met the IDPs fleeing to Maungdaw urban area, comforted them and then gave away the supplies to them in Rakhnine State on September 20.

Deficit already 3x budget forecast