Wera’s new documentary zooms in on abandoned kids in China

Lin Lin Khaing

Noted filmmaker Wera is planning to begin work on a TV documentary on the plight of Chinese children abandoned by their migrant worker parents. “Why am I Left Behind?”, his fifth foreign film project, is destined for international film festivals next year. 

“I’ve received an offer to make this documentary about children in China left behind by their migrant worker parents. I will portray their emotions and the pain felt by these children. I will draw on my experience to do my best for this film,” said Wera.

The 30-minute documentary will be produced by Ronghua Chen, a Singaporean production studio. Shooting locations will be selected by early July and filming will begin within that month. 

Wera is also working on another documentary about the Second World War that is to be partially shot on location in Japan.