Tribute album celebrates Aung San’s birth centenary

Bo Bo Music Production has released a tribute album to Gen (Bogyoke) Aung San to celebrate his birth centenary and legacy."The tribute songs to Bogyoke that were added to last year's Art of Freedom Film and Music Festival didn't reach the public as we had intended. As the centennial of his birth falls on this year, we're going to release the award-winning songs and six other songs on the shortlist from a music contest. We will try to release the music videos before his birthday," said Zarganar, director of the Aung San tribute album project. Held last year as part of the Art of Freedom Film and Music Festival, the music contest sought to find the best tribute songs to the independence hero in three categories: traditional, modern and rap. Four awards including People's Choice were handed out. The tribute album features 10 songs including the four winning songs and six tunes from the shortlist.