A proliferation of cinemas expected in Myanmar

Lin Lin Khaing


A private company is planning to build 60 cinemas across Myanmar including 20 cinemas in Yangon and Mandalay as part of a proposal submitted to the Department for Enhancing Film Standards (DEFS). 

“We have received concessions to operate and build 60 cinemas across Myanmar. Foreign investors have also met and discussed with us. The number of cinemas will rise nationwide within this year,” said Thein Naing, director of DEFS. 

“It’s important to have enough films to screen at this time. According to our survey, there are only a small number of film productions that are regularly making films. So we need to balance production with cinema numbers,” he added.

Currently preparations are underway to build more cinemas in major cities including Yangon and Mandalay. The Myanmar Motion Picture Development has plans to build cinemas across the country while Junction Cineplex is also partnering with South Korean firm CJ CGV to build cinemas.