Ni Ni Khin Zaw discusses new style in “A Ni Yaung” album

Lin Lin Khaing

Ni Ni Khin Zaw, who made her debut in the music industry through the Melody World singing competition, will launch her second album titled “A Ni Yaung” (Red) tomorrow. She recently released the music video for one of the tracks in her new album, “Ma Lo Chin Buu…Sit” (I Don’t Want War), which received positive feedback from audiences. The Daily Eleven met with Ni Ni Khin Zaw to talk about her second album and the filming of the “Ma Lo Chin Buu…Sit” music video.

When did you start preparing for your second album, “A Ni Yaung”?

I started working on it last year, even before releasing the “Mario” music video DVD. I collected songs of my preference and recorded them. After taking a year to prepare for it and being satisfied with the results, I arranged for its release.

What is the main difference between [your first album] “Mario” and “A Ni Yaung”?

There are many differences. I chose music styles and topics that are quite different from “Mario”. I don’t mean the second album won’t contain songs and topics similar to the ones from my first album. There are some similar songs, but the style has changed.

Why did you name the album “A Ni Yaung”?

The word “Ni” (Red) is included in both my name as well as my mother’s name. My favourite colour is red. That’s why I decided to name it “A Ni Yaung”. This name sums up the entire album.

Who are the composers?

Sayar Min Chi Thu, Ko San Pee and Ko Salai all worked on the album. I selected all the songs meticulously and according to my preference.

Will the song “Gal Bal…Gal Bal" (Really, Really) be included in the album?

“Gal Ba…Gal Bal” was originally going to be on this album. But after recording it, I liked it a lot, so I arranged to release it as a digital single and music video. I have included a different version of the song in my “A Ni Yaung” album. The audience will be able to listen to it with a new flavour.

Tell us about why you have decided to include the music video of “Ma Lo Chin Buu…Sit” in your album?

I have liked this song a lot ever since I started singing it. Our country is suffering from the consequences of war, and war refugees around the world are also experiencing the same thing. I like this song a lot because it is intended for peace. That’s why I thought about including the music video of this song in my album.

Did the images in the video of “Ma Lo Chin Buu….Sit” come from your ideas?

The images in the video were a combination of my ideas and the ideas of Ko Maung Maung Thar Myint. We created the video by following the lyrics and topic of the song. I launched the music video on the internet so audiences can watch it as a preview. I’m very happy to hear positive feedback from fans.

Your album will be released on Martyrs’ Day. Did you intentionally choose the release date?

Many artists are releasing their albums and music video DVDs this month. I wanted to release my album this month, so I selected Martyrs’ Day because it is a public holiday. I didn’t have any other intention. 

Do you have any plans to meet with your fans on the album launch date?

I will meet with my fans at Junction Square in Yangon on Martyrs’ Day. I plan to have a concert with KoWai La in Mandalay on July 25. I want to invite all my fans.

“Mario” was a big success. Do you feel a greater sense of responsibility with this album?

I feel more responsibility because I don’t want to follow the same format as my first album. I wanted to include songs about updated topics. I didn’t want a fixed music genre; I wanted some changes. I believe I will receive good results because I tried my best on this album.

Will the album include songs like “Hmyaw Lint Chat Ta Sone Ta Yar” (Expectation)?

I tried to cover various topics [in my album]. I included songs about what we are experiencing now and about the current situation.

Any message for the audience?

I spent a lot of time making “A Ni Yaung”. I want the audiences to listen to it!