New TV drama spotlights the judiciary

Film-maker Aung Ko Latt during a press conference of his courtroom drama 'The Sun, the Moon & the Truth'. (Photo - EMG)


The country's first courtroom drama titled "The Sun, the Moon, and the Truth", which attempts to shed light on the judiciary and the rule of law in Myanmar, has been given permission to air on MRTV every Friday, 9.30pm, starting from February 13.

Directed by film-maker Aung Ko Latt, the TV series will cover eight legal issues including land rights, communication between workers and factories, human trafficking, defamation, wrongful dismissal from work and fraud.

"I'm very proud that I have been given the chance to film 'The Sun, the Moon, and the Truth'. It is the first legal TV drama [in Myanmar]," said Aung Ko Latt.

"Justice and the rule of law are crucial in supporting our society and peace building. I believe legal recourse can aid in the development of our country. This programme is dearest to my heart," he added.

The series stars Nay Yan, Phone Theik, Moe Yan Zun, Su Panhtwar, Khin Zarchi Kyaw and other co-stars. 

The drama centres on May Hnin Si, a talented female lawyer, on a mission to correct society’s injustices by offering legal counselling to the downtrodden.