Myanmar music industry on the rise

Lin Lin Khaing
Sandy Myint Lwin's digital single (left) and Wai La's music video DVD have been released this month. (Photo - Supplied)

The Myanmar music industry has recently seen a rise in the release of new albums and music video DVDs by popular artists and many more are still to come. Besides, digital single albums are being released one after another on Myanmar Music Store, the country’s first online music store. So, the music industry’s market is on the path to recovery.

In recent days, hip-hop and r&b artist Yè Lay made a comeback by releasing his seventh album “Nauk Ta Khauk” (Once More) after a two-year hiatus and rock artist Wai La has released the music videos for his hit album “Makeup Ma Kyite Taw Tachin Myar” (Songs that Don’t Like Makeup). Hip-hop artist Jouk Jack is also planning to launch his “Tine Thi Pyi Thi” music video DVD and pop artist Ni Ni Khin Zaw will release her second album “A Ni Yaung” (Red) in the upcoming week. Model singer Han Thi’s first album and singer Htun Htun’s “Superstar” music video DVD are also ready for release. These are the albums and DVDS that are ready for distribution in the market. Moreover, the increase in mobile phone and internet usage has prompted the release of digital singles on Myanmar Music Store.

“New albums are being released one after another these days. Many more are still to come. You can say the current music industry is in better condition than before. The music fans have started supporting their favourite artists by buying their original albums. The artists have also started focusing more on the artistic quality of their albums and music videos. That’s why the fans always support them when their albums and DVDs are released. I believe the market will get better again if the artists continue to move forward with better artistic qualities,” said Bo San from Bo Bo Entertainment, which has been distributing many albums of top artists.

Since the start of this year, online music sales have become more widespread and now the sale figures are increasing after a digital single is released. The artists can keep in touch with their fans by releasing one single after another while the fans can easily download the songs which are beneficial to both the artists and the fans.

“When we are able to sell one or two new songs on the internet, we can keep in touch with our fans. For example, songs about current events and feelings can become old if the fans have to wait until the album is released. Now, you can immediately sell them on the internet so the feeling is fresh. These are the advantages. The music fans have the chance to listen to the new songs of their favourite artists. I believe online music market system will become more widespread,” said Ni Ni Khin Zaw.

Also in the concert market, the number of concerts has not significantly dropped during this monsoon season and they are being held regularly every weekend. The main reason is that the general election will be held in the peak season so the concert organisers decided not to hold many concerts during that time and chose to hold regular concerts during the monsoon. Regular concerts are being held in Yangon, Mandalay, and other big cities every week and sometime there is even a clash in schedule as big concerts are being held on the same day. Besides rock concerts, hip-hop concerts, and group concerts with veteran singers, solo concerts are also being held. This year, the Iron Cross rock band’s members have decided to hold solo concerts every month staring from May so the monsoon concert market did not decline and it continues to move forward regularly.

It is a tradition to record albums during the monsoon. Many new albums are being recorded during this monsoon so more albums will be released in the peak season.