Live act, classic hits

Lin Lin Khaing

Since debuting shortly after 2000, Sone Thin Par quickly earned recognition with the title song of her debut album “Kabargyi Ka Kyinn Tal So Pay Mae”. The catchy tune, itself a local cover of Mark Dinning’s classic hit “The World is Getting Smaller”, simply launched her career in music. With a string of hits under her belt and an ever-growing fanbase, Sone Thin Par is set to stage her first concert tomorrow. In this exclusive interview with Myanmar Eleven, the diva takes a behind-the-scenes look at the concert while showing her fans what’s there to expect.  

Tell us about the concert.

I’ve had this big dream of staging my own concert ever since I started singing. My friends have been very supportive [of the concert]. Some of them pitched in with financial support and equipment. My mentors Min Chit Thu and Myint Moe Aung are also supporting me. Everyone is giving me a hand.

What have you prepared for the concert?

When I started planning the concert, I came up with this title: “The Prominent Songs of Sone Thin Par”. I have released four studio albums and many group albums [throughout my career]. These include covers of other people’s songs, but I also have many songs of my own. Among them, I have selected 30 prominent songs that I think the audience will like. The rehearsal is up and running. I will be performing with Dream Lover band. This band has been with me since I started singing in Mandalay. They have rearranged some of my old songs to match up with the present era and helped me select the songs.

How do you design the setlist since you have many hits?

I tend to select my own songs. I have only selected two or three cover songs that used to be popular. I choose the songs that are suitable to sing at the concert. Mostly, I have selected the songs that were top hits. I have selected about 15 original songs and “copy” songs.

Tell us about the performance and presentation of the concert.

I’m thinking of holding the concert in three segments. I will sing 10 old songs that I normally sing in concerts in the first section. The band has rearranged songs like “Yarzawin Thwin Mae A Chit” to make them livelier and a bit uptempo. I will perform the unplugged versions of songs like “Cowboy” during the second segment. Of the last 10 songs, four will have some performances by Khae Mi Ko, Uranium, and Jade Dragon dance groups.

Will there be any guest entertainers?

My fellow sisters from the music industry – Chaw Su Khin, Tin Zar Maw, and Connie – will help as presenters rather instead of me hiring outsiders.

I hear you’re interested in doing a programme based on your life story.

I’m thinking of doing this programme. I haven’t taken many photos since I was a child. I plan to present a summary of my childhood with what I have.

Will this concert be a truly live show?

Even if I have this broadcast on TV, it has to be the standard live TV delay. I want the audience to come and experience a real live concert. I have done my best. That’s why I want them to come to the concert.

Any plans for your fans in other regions?

I have many ideas. As this is my first concert, I will select and perform my best songs. I want to release it on DVD, but I’m focusing on the concert at the moment.

How do you feel now that you are about to hold your first concert?

I’m very happy and excited. I’m also a little scared. There are many things that could go wrong during the concert, but I plan to do my best for my audience.

Are you satisfied with your music career?

You can say I’m a little bit lazy. I haven’t released many albums. I have to devote my time to my family. I also double as a mom so I’m wearing two hats at the same time. Youth these days work real hard, but I don’t want to pull my punches. I have this mindset that is to always keep outperforming myself every day. My fans still support my songs even now. I want to thank all the fans who will always be there for me.

Anything you want to tell your fans who are coming to your concert?

The audience will receive something nice and worthy of their time spent in concert. They will get a genuine live-concert experience filled with many good songs they used to like in the past.