K-pop idol group 4Minute to perform in Myanmar

Popular South Korean idol group 4Minute will stage a concert in Myanmar next month, according to the girl group’s Live in Yangon Facebook page.

In a video message to their Myanmar fans, the 5-member girl group said: “4Minute is holding a concert in Myanmar for the first time. This is groundbreaking as it is our first concert and we will be performing our latest hits.”

Titled “2015 4Minute Fan Bash in Myanmar”, the concert will be held at Myanmar Event Park on April 4. Tickets come in five categories: Ks 600,000 (US$600) for VVIP, Ks 200,000 (US$200) for VIP, and Ks 60,000 (US$60), Ks 45,000 (US$45), and Ks 25,000 (US$25) for the general public. 

“4Minute is a one of the top groups in [South] Korea. There are many fans who support their performances. There will surely be many fans coming to their concert, but the ticket prices are a little expensive. Still there are five types of tickets so we can buy what we can afford. This group doesn’t have the kind of fan base bigger than that of 2NE1, but they will have their own fans,” said Wunna, a K-pop fan from Bahan Township. 

Formed in 2009 under Cube Entertainment, the girl group consists of Nam Ji-hyun, Heo Ga-yoon, Jeon Ji-yoon, Kim Hyun-a and Kwon So-hyun. They have released two studio albums and a number of EPs including the latest called Crazy.