Hip-hop, R&B artists on tour in the US

Lin Lin Khaing

Local hip-hop and R&B artists will perform a concert titled “7 Stars Date Date Kyel Night” in San Francisco this Saturday as part of their concert tour in the United States that covers three cities.

The concert features renowned hip-hop artists: Sai Sai Kham Leng, Bunny Phyoe, Nanda Sai, Mi Sandi, Thiri Swe, and Snare.  This is Sai Sai Kham Leng’s first time to perform in the US.

“The main reason for organising this concert is we want to bring along Sai Sai on our US tour. So we decided to arrange a concert with him. Now there are seven young artists beside Sai Sai. We plan to stage a concert every Saturday,” said Soe Naing Tun, also known as Eikyarkway, from Shwesin Entertainment.

The concert will start at 5.30 pm and tickets range between US$45 and US$55. There are plans to sell VIP tickets. Myanmar food will be sold in the afternoon prior to the concert.