Film productions double

This year has seen the number of feature films in production double with many more in the preparation phase to meet the rising market and reforms to the industry that will take effect next year.

Filmmaker Wyne said: “In the past, only two movies were filmed a month but now there are up to four or five. It is good for the industry. Every artist and the production staff have the responsibility to keep the audience’s interest. Everyone in the industry is responsible for presenting new creations while making sure audiences feel it is worth going to the cinema. But if we aren’t able to properly handle issues like the [piracy] of films like Kya Ma Ka Hnin Si Par Maung, it could lead to the fall of the film industry, which has started to get better.”

Although recent features have been successful with audiences, numbers dropped after a pirated version of Kya Ma Ka Hnin Si Par Maung appeared online a week after its release in cinemas.

An unnamed film producer said: “That incident has highlighted the negative effects of technology. It showed us that we need to create the best artistic and technical quality films but we also need to think about technology as well. The film industry can only survive if there is a balance between all of them.”