DJ Soda prays for flood victims on Facebook page

DJ Soda, a well-known South Korean performer, posted prayers for flood refugees in Myanmar on her Facebook page after her two-day visit to Myanmar. DJ Soda arrived in Myanmar on July 30 and visited Shwedagon Pagoda. She performed at Kandawgyi Palace Hotel on the night of July 31.

DJ Soda wrote about her experience in Myanmar on her Facebook page, describing the people’s warmth and friendliness, her amazement at Myanmar’s culture and beautiful scenery, along with her prayer for flood refugees.

DJ Soda left for Indonesia on August 1. She came to Myanmar as part of her tour of Asia. Tickets for her show sold for about US$50 and sold out. About $1,900 of the proceeds from her show will be donated to volunteer groups for flood disaster rescue operations.

DJ Soda has a strong Myanmar fan base, which is visible on Facebook. Her show in Myanmar included both dance and DJ performances.

There are plans for several other top South Korean artists to perform in Myanmar this year. Most performances by Korean pop artists in Myanmar are well-attended.