Deep into the WWII quagmire

Wera with his crew on the set of ‘Ngo Chin Tal’ (‘Threnodist’) Photo – Threnodist Facebook page)

Noted film-maker Wera’s documentary about World War II will be shot in Myanmar, the United Kingdom and Japan. Produced by a Hollywood director, “Into the Quagmire” is expected to air on HBO and National Geographic channel.

“At first, I was told to work together with a director from Hollywood to make the film. When I went to the US to attend a film festival, I discussed with them and they asked me to give them samples of my previous works. Later they replied that I will have to do the film on my own. I have great responsibility since I have to lead the production of the documentary that will be produced by a Hollywood studio,” said Wera.

He added that the 94-minute documentary will be chiefly shot on location in the Yoma mountain range in Myanmar. 

Wera has also been invited to explore an oasis town in Peru for a documentary.

“A [film] producer from England invited me to do a film about an oasis town in a desert in Peru. I’m very happy to receive this offer. I plan to go to Peru in June. I believe that it will be a unique experience,” he said.

Wera’s documentaries have been screened at international film festivals with his latest offering entitled “Ngo Chin Tal” (“Threnodist”) set to tour film festivals.