Celebrating girl power

Su Hmuu Naing

Htike Htike has certainly come a long way since the day of her triumph in the Melody World singing contest. Now as a member of the newly formed girl group “Myanmar Girls” (made up of the former members of “Me Na Ma Girls”), she has a bright career ahead of her though that comes with certain constraints on things like making choices between career priorities and personal needs. Surprisingly  she’s been allowed to release her first solo album without any fuss. The title track of “Oh My God!” has topped the charts at Myanmar Music Store for weeks. She talked to Myanmar Eleven recently about how she’s managed to go solo while keeping her relations with “Myanmar Girls” intact.

Tell us about “Oh My God!”

I have been working on this album over the past five years. When I joined “Me N Ma Girls”, the producer advised against embarking on any solo activities, so I had to stop planning that album. Now I’ve been able to amend the contract, which allows me to do any activities in entertainment as I like. All the songs were selected a long time ago, but I had to remix some old-fashioned songs to make them more in tune with the time. 

Tell us about the music videos, which was released at the same time as the album. 

I started shooting the music videos for “Oh My God!” album two years ago. As I’m a singer, I’m worried that the audience might prefer the music video DVD to the album. I don’t want them to become too absorbed in the music videos. I want them to really listen to the music. That’s why I only have the music videos filmed just to match the songs. I want to tell my fans that my album has just been released and the DVD is only a present for them.

Why do you include covers in the album?

There are two old songs. One is “U Ba Nyunt Ye Chit Doke Kha”. I’ve chosen this song because I thought it’s well suited to our era after a few tweaks to the lyrics. The other is “Chit Chin Ko Ma Khwel Par Nae”.  It was the song that I sang in the Melody World singing contest.

What has Myanmar Girls been up to lately?

We have been performing as a group lately. We are also preparing to release our album hopefully later this year.

Tell us more about the new album of “Myanmar Girls”. 

The album is half complete now. The four of us – Cha Cha, Kimmy, Wai Hnin and I – get involved in every stage of the production from selecting the songs to perfecting the vocals. All of us always strive for perfection for every single track.

What keeps you together? 

The most important thing is [mutual] understanding. Having different views is fine as long as you can tolerate opposing views. Then, you can get along in any situation, not only in a group. Our group has gone through the hard times. That’s why we always give priority to the group if our group and individual schedules clash.

What’s your take on music?

Music is my second life. I will continue to create music as long as I can – with the audience’s support.