Artist Aye Ko’s modern art exhibit on view in France

Pyae Sone Nay Win
Masterpieces by Aye Ko are on display in an exhibition in Lyon, France.

Artist Aye Ko, known for being shortlisted for the Joseph Balestier Award early this year, showcases his modern paintings in his first solo exhibition currently being underway in Lyon, France until the end of this month. 

“The exhibition features my new paintings that portray the feelings and characters of people in the outside world. Lately I have visited many international exhibitions as a person-in-charge and director of New Zero Art Space. I’m feeling greater freedom since I’m allowed to exhibit my artworks in this exhibition,” said Aye Ko.

Aye Ko is a modern art painter who has exhibited his installations and performances at home and aboard. He has another exhibition “What is Life” on view at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.