Interview with actress Shwe Hmone Yati about popular new movie ‘Sweet Revenge’

Lin Lin Khaing

Reaction to the movie ‘Sweet Revenge’, now showing in cinemas, has been huge. The story involves a youthful love triangle in which Shwe Hmone Yati’s character is the childhood girlfriend of a boy who loves music. She leaves him to follow her future plans. However, when she meets him years later, the boy has found true love. And she is jealous.

Q: You were in villain in ‘Sweet Revenge’. Did you worry about that character?

A: No. I didn’t. Each character has a different story in the movie. I did my best. We negotiated with each other. I tried to be my best.

Q: What do feel about the viewers’ positive response to the movie?

A: I was a bit excited when the movie was about to be shown. I wanted to know how the viewers would respond to my performance. Now I’m happy that they accept my character in the movie and praise me.

Q: Most movies this year in which you were involved were challenging and risky. Do you like that?

A: Yes, I like such characters. Besides, I like trying new things. I like to be involved as the characters which I’ve never been before or which other actresses do not want to perform. Then, when the viewers accept my performances, I’m happy more than with just ordinary characters.

Q: Any other new things we can see in this year?

A: Yes, you will, especially ‘Soul’s Thread’ which will be released soon..

Q: Your fans are worried about your health, since you are often sick. However, you try very hard in your work.

A: Yes, because I work very hard for my activities, my health can’t recover very well. When I’m concentrating on the job, I forget to eat and sleep. The doctor wants me to rest. However, I will take care of myself.

Translated by Thet Mon Htun