Interview with Sai Sai Kham Leng

Lin Lin Khaing

Sai Sai Kham Leng’s new movie ‘Sweet Revenge’ was shown in cinemas in Yangon on Friday.

The singer and actor was excited about viewers’ response to his new film. Eleven Media to the star about his current activities.

I’ve learnt that you were very interested in the story of ‘Sweet Revenge’. Can you tell me how you prepared for it?

I really liked the novel it came from. I also liked the character of Min Pyo Lwin and his life and living style in the story. He loves his girlfriend, who does not love music and leaves him. When he has a win many years later, he found his true love. I had to perform in a balance with those characters.

In the movie, you have to tell what you want to through your eyes. Was it very difficult?

It was not very difficult for me. I talked with the movie director about how I wanted to perform. Since we do not have an acting coach here, we had to discuss things with the movie director. The character itself could not say too much. [But] I love that character.

Were you satisfied with your performance?

Not 100-per-cent satisfaction. However, I was satisfied with some parts. But I have to try to be better.

In the movie, all the main characters performed very well. How did you negotiate with all other characters?

The script was prepared five times in pre-production. We had to wait three months to start the shooting as many actresses were changed. However, when the actresses were confirmed, we started shooting with their cooperation.

You mentioned that ‘Sweet Revenge’ is the most exciting movie for you in 2017.

I don’t expect very much. I did my best for the movie. I want the audience to be satisfied with the movie for their money and time consumed to watch it.

When will you do your next movie?

I’m not sure. I want to do a funny movie for the next.