Rai fu jin Ninja to stage in Myanmar

EMG reporter
A scene from the Ninja performance.

Three Iga Ninjas will come to Myanmar and show their Ninjutsu abilities, one of the several original skills of Ninja. These events will be held in Yangon on May 21 and Mandalay on May 23.

“With the aim of sharing Japanese culture in Myanmar, we will invite a Ninja team from Japan and hold events in prominent cities around Myanmar. Viewers can enjoy their performance and at the same time also learn from their Ninja skills. The shows are free of charge,” said a representative from Japan Culture House.

There will be three Ninjas from Rai Fu Jin who will show off their Ninja abilities. The event is jointly organized by Japan Cultural House and the Japanese embassy in Myanmar. The first show will be in MICT park in Yangon at 10:30am, while the second show will be in Mandalay and will include two separate sessions.

Translated by May Aung Shwe